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The Agoric Vision

We Agorians see value transmission as a fundamental human right. In the form of money, it is simply the act of transferring a form of potential energy from one entity to the next; be it an institution, person, or autonomous system. Although this is not technically potential energy by scientific terms, money is akin to potential energy in that its influence is able to open the doors and opportunities of the world up to those who have it. Modern society is normalized into believing in the myth of money without ever questioning “Why is it this way?” or “Where does it come from?” The truth of the matter is that existing fiat money systems are quite arbitrary. They are currently useful because of their widespread adoption, yet flawed in more ways than one. We the people can’t openly verify that our society is functioning correct and fairly. Nor are we able to escape the captured networks of arbitrary fees, delays, seizures, and fines.

But there is a better way. Humanity finally has the tools to create faster and fairer monetary systems, exchanges, governance structures, voting systems, and settlement layers. Decentralized Autonomous Communities are springing into existence, stigmergic swarms of people expressing value to each other, collaborating, and socializing, and in general interacting in many different forms. Now, today, communities are creating brand new business models and unlocking agoric opportunities for people to earn their keep in this world. People are opting out of the traditional economy and joining a new one— the digital economy.

At Agoric, we believe in solving the challenges of humanity, by adopting socio-economic systems that align with our values, and sharing those systems and values with the wider world. We have personally derived great benefit from participating in the nascent digital economy already; dividends of knowledge, collaboration, relationships, tokens— all units of intrinsic value that we’ve shared and had shared with us.

We hope you will join us in in our endeavor to reconfigure society into an accessible and equitable, prosperous and beautiful landscape for all of the people on Earth.

Witness Proposal

Collectively, our crew has already introduced Steem, Graphene, and blockchain technology to hundreds of people, and we’re just getting started! We aspire to become an active witness in cooperation with the Steem community, and in support of our core goals:

  1. To provide reliable infrastructure for Steem and other Graphene-based blockchain networks; e.g. helping to further develop and expand the witness toolset for maintaining operational infrastructure, providing price feeds, and acting as an oracle.
  2. To build our team’s collective influence on the network and leverage that influence for greater works, such as bringing more people to the platform, and in support of our other core goals.
  3. To create products and services that will support Steem and the overall Graphene ecosystem by maintaining a responsive product development pipeline.
  4. To run educational workshops in our local communities that will onboard more users to Steem, and help to amplify its existing network effect.
  5. To translate earned digital value into physical works as a testament to the power of distributed autonomous communities. We have ambitious goals, such as creating the first Steem-powered neighborhood in Detroit.
  6. To create inspiring and engaging media, further expanding the many communities of which the Graphene ecosystem is comprised.

Witness Server Specs

We have two witness nodes running in different availability regions to reduce the time to failover. We also have installed monitoring on all of our core nodes.

Witness nodes
  • Dual core 2.3 GHz Intel Xeon® E5-2686 v4 (Broadwell) processors
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 60 GB SSD
  • 450 Mbit/s unmetered bandwidth
Seed node
  • 4 Dedicated x86 64 bit Cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD
  • 300 Mbit/s unmetered bandwidth

The Agorians (Who are we?)

@robrigo is an adventurer and computerer. Closely following the Bitshares community since 2014, he has seen the light, and aspires to bring the crypto opportunity to everybody. In his free time, he likes to ride bikes and go hiking in remote wildernesses.

@matt-a has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since Bitcoin’s inception and has decided to devote his life to Agoric Systems to ensure that as many human beings as possible can be educated on and liberated by cryptocurrency.

@lovejoy is an explorer between the realms of blockchain technology and physical community. He is a multimedia professional with a diverse background spanning film production, visual arts, storytelling, sailing, and herbalism. His goal is the telling of stories which inspire, empower, and connect people throughout the world.

@sensei is a digital nomad with a passion for discovery (both online and off). A generalist by nature, he specializes in helping businesses grow on the web via research, design, and development. You’ll find his heart resting at the intersection of art and technology.

@timothy-archer is a curious autodidact with an Internet connection and a propensity for all things aesthetic. He is Ingrained with a realistic but ultimately an optimistic outlook on the future and our ability to manifest change.

@spurious-claims is an impact-driven community and economic developer who is determined to ensure access to and meaningful engagement on the Internet. Education, outreach, and hustling are the name of her game.

Thank you for reading! Agoric Systems is committed for the long haul. We are battle tested, innovative, and adaptable! We hope that you will support our campaign for witness on this and other Graphene chains as we continue to work for the benefit of everyone in our growing community.

You can vote for our witness here by scrolling down to the bottom and entering the name "" in the VOTE field. Click here for a gif that walks through the process!

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

The Agoric Team

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