Rasa Chat Tutorial/Example

This website will serve as a living example of what Sutherland Labs can do with Rasa with explinations of how the Rasa stack will work

Rasa Architecture

How to use:

Basic Intents

Custom Actions

I created a multiplication example that can be activated by using the format "what is 2 times 1" with the numbers being dynamic entities that are identified and computed

try to use the "what is x times y" syntax because it is not throughly trained, but it still gives you a basic look at following along with the full custom action architecture flow


to see buttons try "show me example intents", "show me example buttons", or "show me example intents with buttons"

the payload links to an intent and you can also pass variable information this way


Possible other tools:

Rasa X

check the sutherland labs version out using password labs here

What I found the coolest General points https://rasa.com/docs/rasa-x/